Apple Iphone 4G 2010 and Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Details

Apple is expected to release their new version of the iPhone and their new Operating System (Apple OS 4.0) this Summer/Fall as well. Lots of commotion has been stirring about the yet to be released iPhone 4G (at least we guess thats what it will be called). Apple has release some sneak peak information about their new OS and two prototype iPhones have been discovered revealing some interesting information about what is expected to come. With strong competition from Google’s Android phones, Apple is under the gun. Also questions arise on how long will AT&T retain their exclusive agreement with Apple. I will discuss all of these points, but first lets go over the specs on the new hardware and software (it’s what you came here for anyway right?)

iPhone 4G Specs:

  • Apple A-4 1 GHz Processor (same chip as featured in the Ipad and is currently being manufactured by Samsung) This is an ARM- based chip that includes a built in graphics processor
  • Extended Options For Storage Capacity: (Expected to have 16, 32, and 64 GB Models)
  • Better Resolution – OLED 960×640 (approximated) pixel touchscreen
  • 5 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera Complete With Flash and High Definition Camcorder Capabilities
  • Front Facing Camera Allowing Self Pics and iChat Video Conferencing Capabilities
  • Dual Microphones for Noise Canceling Capabilities and Higher Quality Audio Conferencing
  • 16% Larger Battery (Removable)
  • Micro Sim Card (As Used In The Ipad) Will Be Located On the Right Side
  • True Built In GPS
  • New Sleek Styling – All New “Flat” Styling Featuring Flat Back and “Sharp Edges” On The Metal Sides. The Volume Up and Down buttons are separate and the back is made of a composite glass that is similar to that of the screen. It was definitely time for a visual upgrade to this phone.
New iphone 4G

New iphone 4G

Apple Mobile (iPhone) Operating System 4.0 Specs:

  • Available For Multiple Hardware Systems: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch Summer 2010, and iPad Fall 2010.
  • Multitasking Capabilities – Although it is limited to certain applications and situations such as finishing downloads, streaming media, playing localized media, and uninterrupted applications when receiving texts or calls. Consumers will also be able to manage everything that is running in the background directly.
  • Unified Email – convenient and easy to use. Multiple exchange email accounts, as well as messages from various sources can be stored and reviewed
  • Social Gaming Network
  • VOIP – Improved Capabilities With Clearer Communication
  • iBooks – Browse, Review, Buy and Read Books on Any Equipped Device
  • Improved Enterprise Functions – Better Network Capability With Increased Security and Scalability
  • See the Official Apple Sneak Peak for Apple Mobile Operating System 4.0

iPhone Vs. Android There is much confusion and speculation involved anytime there is a hot new product that is supposed to be under wraps. What is attention grabbing is that there is a close competitor to the once undisputed smartphone ruler and that this competition has came about so swiftly. How will it perform against its main competitor: Google’s Android. The OS for iPhone and Android are both Linux based smartphone operating systems and are relatively similar. Both have cutting edge industry leading technology. I am an iPhone owner but mainly a technology supporter. I think that typically Apple customers are very loyal, but the fact is that Apple needs to kick things in high gear. I think/hope that with the new iPhone 4G and the new 4.0 OS that Apple will beat down the competition… but for how long. The truth is that Apple has been resting on their laurels. These upgrades have long been available for iPhone customers that have jailbroke their phones. Cydia programs offer capabilities unmatched with iTunes Such as multitasking, tethering, folders, emulators to play games for lots of other handheld consoles such as Gameboy, Atari, and Nintendo as well as extreme customizable backgrounds and graphics. When you consider that non-apple hackers and black market programmers have enabled more capabilities than Apple has with their own software. Apple has known what their customers want in a product and has taken the approach to slow down progress in order to monetize on future hardware and software upgrades. Now they will either have to speed up innovative production or allow Google Android or other Google phones to take over their market. Either way the new iPhone 4G is expected to be a great improvement over the iPhone 3Gs with which it is replacing. This is comforting seeing that a lot of consumers were disappointed in the upgrades of the 3Gs vs. the iPhone 3G.

Good News For Current iPhone Owners looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 4G as soon as it comes out: At&T is changing the upgrade dates to allow current iPhone owners to upgrade to the new iPhone 4G if they extend their agreement to a two year service agreement. AT&T seems to be especially targeting current customers that are already paying more than $100 per month for their cell service for a single line.

Will Apple Continue To Be Exclusive With ATT? This is on everyone list of questions. AT&T’s exclusive agreement with Apple has officially expired, however it has been apparently extended for at least 6 months because of AT&T’s involvement with supplying internet access for the iPad. Rumors have placed the end of Apple’s exclusive involvement with  AT&T as early as late Summer 2010 and as late as mid 2011. It is not an issue of whether they will open up to other service providers, but when. It is clear that Apple needs to offer other options to their customers. Questions revolving around AT&T’s reliability (Most dropped calls of any major provider) as well as both the lack of a 4G network and a less than satisfactory 3G coverage area seem to indicate that Apple is being held back by AT&T’s antiquated network. Verizon has a larger 3G network and is more dependable, but is CDMA based and is not compatible with Apples current GSM based technology that is designed to work on AT&T’s network. Sprint has already released their 4G network  and they are also CDMA based. Rumors have been presented of a CDMA iPhone 4G or even a UTMS/CDMA hybrid phone, but its release date is completely unknown.

We are all anxiously awaiting to see how Apple will overcome the hurdles to release their product to the masses. Please feel free to leave your comments below on this topic. We are anxious to see your input.


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