Telekinetic Toy – Move Things With Your Mind – MindFlex

Telekinesis Toy - MindFlexGET YOURS HERE! They are sold out almost everywhere else.

Update: This gadget has made quite a stir and was one of the most popular Christmas Gifts items of 09′. It is now continuing to sell out in the 2010 Christmas season.

The MindFlex by Mattel has a headset with sensors on your forehead and earlobes that detect brainwaves similar to an EEG (Electroencephalograph). Small fans create various strengths of lift on a small ping pong like ball according to the intensity of brainwaves sensed by the headset. The MindFlex includes lots of different contraptions to put the ball over, under and through etc. Basically it is like a ping pong ball amusement park controlled with your mind. If you would like to get more information on this new telekinesis toy, check out: The Official MindFlex Website.

We started noticing shortages of the MindFlex about a month ago, and with good reason. With the trends we are seeing this might be as big as the Tickle Me Elmo craze a few years back. I haven’t seen a lot of advertising for this new “telekinetic” gadget, but it really doesn’t need any. I am sure that it would sell itself. Popular retail venues for this product include but not limited to: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Toys R Us. A similar product was introduced fairly recently that allowed brain waves to manipulate objects with your mind, however it was just a tube that allowed a ball to go up and down according to the intensity level of brainwaves received and was marketed with a Star Wars theme. May The Force Be With You!! We feel that the MindFlex is head and shoulders above the other products currently on the market because although the technology is basically the same, it creates another element to enable this to be more like a game. Just having the ability to go up and down would get old soon. We understand that this isn’t actual telekinesis because the brainwaves are just interpreted and the actual movement is created by the fan, but it is a great simulation. We are simply excited because this technology is now available to the everyday consumer at an affordable price. Prices from the units that we have found have been from $69.99 to $99.95 which is a bargain in our book. What is almost more exciting than this actual product is that this product has been a big hit and new more advanced products will surely be entering the market soon. We will try and keep you updated on that. Let us know what you think about the MindFlex “telekinesis” toy.  If you think it is a piece of krap that isn’t worth the hype or the next best thing since sliced bread and toilet paper – we want to know.


Kewl Kat

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