Multi-Directional Drive Car – The Nissan Pivo 2

Nissan Pivo 2 Multi Directional CarNissan Is releasing the Pivo 2, a multidirectional vehicle that has a rotating cab (to allow you to face the direction that you are driving), four “green” electric engines (one thin disk shaped traction motor on each wheel) and the ability to drive in any direction. Imagine how easy the Pivo 2 would be to parallel park. This futuristic automobile featuring a Robot Agent (RA) and can sense and even attempts to improve the mood of the driver. Other innovations include a Metamo System which changes the position of the wheel to improve ride and handling.

Nissan’s Cutting Edge Technology:

  • Go Anywhere Design – The ability to drive sideways or virtually any angle makes even complicated driving and parking maneuvers simple.
  • Revolving Cabin – Face any direction that you would like to go in and the front entrance can be rotated to wherever you would like to board the vehicle. No more squeezing in between hefty SUVs to get into your car.
  • Metamo Ststem – This highly advanced wheel positioning system puts your wheels further back when accelerating, more forward when decelerating, and further outside in curves to provide the highest possible level of control and balance.
  • Disk Shaped Traction Motor on Each Wheel –  Provides the Torque of a V8 while giving this automobile unbelievable control all in an efficient package. Basically it puts the power and control exactly where it needs to be. Nothing is wasted.
  • Intelligent Life Form Design – Basically this little “electronic being” is designed to create a new element for the car-driver relationship. It has the ability to sense the driver’s mood.

History - The Pivo 2 is based on the original Pivo, which was also a three-seat electric powered commuter car that had a cabin capable of rotating 360 degrees, but did not feature the RA. The original concept was a surprise sensation in Japan at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, and the Pivo 2 is expected to get even more attention.

Future - Release of this automobile will be limited to Portugal for its debut in 2011, but is planned to be released worldwide in 2012. Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates announced that a national project will soon go underway to establish a network of electric car charging stations. This network will pave the way for Nissan and Renault to release the Pivo 2 as well as hopefully many other electric automobiles.

For More Information about this innovative Multi-Directional Car visit: The Official Nissan Pivo 2 Website

Nissan Pivo 2 Multi Directional Carnew-nissan-pivo2-concept-carnissan-pivo2-conceptnissan-pivo2-concept-car

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