Robotic Vacuum With 7 Day Vacuum Schedule $369.95

The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum. The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum.

This is Roomba, the robotic vacuum that can be scheduled to navigate autonomously through your home up to seven times per week–a feature unique to the Hammacher Schlemmer model–to remove deeply imbedded dirt and dust from carpets and floors (Play Video.) The unit’s specially designed dual, counter-rotating agitator brushes spread carpet fibers and enable the powerful vacuum to remove pet hair and other stubborn detritus from low and high-pile carpets. Sensors redirect the unit when it encounters furniture, walls, or stairs, and its enhanced anti-tangle technology reverses the rotation of the brushes when it senses rug fringe. Two Virtual Wall lighthouses project infrared beams that confine the vacuum to one room until it is thoroughly cleaned and then allow it to move on to another room. Cleans up to four rooms per charge and automatically returns to its drive-on charger when its battery runs low. Includes two replacement filters and two replacement brushes. 3″ H x 13″ Diam. (11 3/4 lbs.)

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